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shit-eating grin

(oo4) this is the real deal

dea. seventeen (290895). indonesian. typical virgo. too tall. inconsistent. rational. sarcastic. obnoxious and delusional. can be nice. sewage-minded. doesn't bother walking up to people to greet them. easily amused. loses earphones way too often. procrastinates. fails at being a lit student. awkward. moody. loves nicknaming people. ridiculously possessive. spells in both american and british ways. falls in love with good pens. can't write long shit for life. reads the dictionary. thinks maths is sexy. twitter whore. ships her otps, hard

blackberry. polaroids. p
hotography. pretty korean boybands. gifspams. good sense of humor. good hair on said pretty korean boybands. male parental roles. otps. fisheye lenses. movies that rely on pretty actors. greek mythology. bromance.

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